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If you missing some caricature template or can’t find desired cartoon image , please contact us with your cartoon idea. If we get enough requests for same missing cartoon or caricature template, we’ll create one and will add it to our cartoon maker. So go on, cartoon yourself online with Wish2Be!

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Cartoon yourself or your friend with the most powerful free caricature maker on the web. Upload your photo, add hair, text and as many cartoon images as you wish, to make your caricature unique and personal. Bookmark this caricature maker, for creating unique greetings, custom birthday e-cards, funny user pics and avatars, and personalized email signatures!

Wish2Be lets you convert photo to cartoon and create amazing caricature of your dream, hobby, profession or any funny combination of cartoon images that you can choose from huge caricature pictures collection. First of all, upload your photo , that is automatically cropped and inserted to the caricature, then add hair, choose a background, select desired body, add text, and your cartoon picture is ready! You also can add vehicles, accessories, decorations, gadgets, stuff, characters, animals and frames. There are unlimited combinations of the cartoons from our huge caricature gallery, so you can be sure your cartoon picture will be unique.