Wish to surprise your loved one with an original and truly personal gift?

In the world of apps and selfies that we live in, people are more self-centered than ever. Everyone takes and shares photos and videos of themselves on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks, with effects, in an attempt to appear original, attractive, and special. But no application can replace the human touch, the eye, and the hand of the painter, who puts the soul and art skills in real, recognizable, beautiful, flattering, handmade paintings, and expresses the personality as well. A real portrait is among the things that many would like to have, but few would buy for themselves, so why not be the one that gives it to your loved one?

Are you managing a business?

With you can produce a video for your “employee of the year” nomination award ceremony, make a custom group caricature of your team or create a cartoonish character for your brand or logo.

The requirement for the photos:

  • Sharp 1-2 photos of a person’s head
  • Smiling face (we can’t imagine smiles)
  • Without sunglasses (ignore if you want them in the picture)
  • The person is looking at the camera (not pictured showing the person from the side)
  • Eyes/hair color in words

You need to describe the idea or choose the background, body, and elements you want in the painting and complete the order on the site.

We draw the person’s head from the photograph you have sent, and send you the artwork for proofreading by email

After your confirmation that you are satisfied with the result (we correct the artwork if necessary), we send you the caricature as a high-resolution file.

The painting is ready within 2-5 days, excluding weekends!

Amazing real digital cartoon portrait painted by hand above the background you have designed, from photos you upload during the order.
The caricature can be printed at home or with any print-on-demand service on canvas, t-shirt, etc.

To whom and to which events can you give it? 

Birthday gift, anniversary gift, bar mitzvah invitations, gift to the departing manager, mother’s day, father’s day gift, wedding invitations, save the date, gifts for the end of the school year, etc.

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