Custom caricature for business or brand

Custom caricature for business or brand


Are you starting or managing a business, or providing professional services and want to brand yourself as more personal and confident?

Make your business stand out the competitors with a personal touch! The business logo with the custom cartoon is one of the best cost-effective custom branding solutions for small business owners and self-employed professionals.

100% Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Our revisions service allows you to see the caricature and ask to improve if needed.

Flexible and fair pricing, depending on the order’s complexity and volume.

To see the exact price you need to choose the body and background options that fit your idea. Also, there are special prices for bulk orders – just set the required quantity, add to cart, and see the special price!

So don’t waste your time, find sharp and smiling photos, place the order and let us make a perfect caricature for your business!

Special pricing for bulk/group orders
  3-9 10-19 20-39 40+
Full body without a subject, Brand name graphic design $97 $83 $70 $56
Half body + custom subject, Brand name graphic design $97 $83 $70 $56
Half body without a subject, Brand name graphic design $90 $77 $65 $52
Head + shoulders only, Brand name graphic design $83 $71 $60 $48
Full body + custom subject, Only illustration, without graphic design $69 $59 $50 $40
Half body + custom subject, Only illustration, without graphic design $62 $53 $45 $36
Full body without a subject, Only illustration, without graphic design $62 $53 $45 $36
Half body without a subject, Only illustration, without graphic design $55 $47 $40 $32
Head + shoulders only, Only illustration, without graphic design $48 $41 $35 $28
Full body + custom subject, Brand name graphic design $104 $89 $75 $60

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The ordering process:

You decide what do you want to be in the caricature and choose the relevant options of the body and the background that fits your idea.

You need also to prepare 2-3 photos of the person/s as following: SHARP, SMILING, LOOKING TO THE CAMERA, NO STRANGE EXPRESSIONS, NO SUNGLASSES OR ELEMENTS ABOVE THE FACE.

During the checkout process, you can describe exactly what you want to be in the caricature, for example: “I want my self sitting inside the red racing car (attached sample), holding a cup in my right hand, and a steering wheel with my left hand, wearing black racer clothes. MAX is written on the car’s side”.

The best idea is to explain your idea visually with our new SKETCH BUILDER or make some drafts on paper/PowerPoint or simple drawing software. One picture worth thousands of words and will help us better understand your idea and avoid wasting of time for unnecessary revisions and mistakes.

The service process:

As soon as you submit the order, we check if you have provided all the required information and images and start the work.

In a day or two, depending on the complexity, we send you a version for approval. You provide us a feedback and can ask for improvements if needed, we fix it according to your comments and send you an updated file by email until you are happy with the result.

Finally, you get a high-resolution JPG / PDF file of the caricature, ready for printing at home, or with any print-on-demand online service.

It takes between 3-5 days to complete the custom caricature, including revisions, excluding weekends. The time counts from the moment when our representative approves the photos you have provided, as a good source for the artist’s work. If the photos you have provided are not good enough for the artist, you may be asked to provide a better quality photo/s, then the total turnaround time increases and again starts from the moment the new photo/s were approved by as.

Bulk/custom order pricing

If you need more than 1 caricature, you set the quantity of the images to the required number and click Add to cart – you’ll be forwarded to the cart and will see the special discounted pricing if you have chosen more than 2 / 10 / 20 / 30 people.

For any special request that you haven’t found the answer in the product description and available options above, please contact us.

A logo with a caricature is great for the following businesses and professionals:

  1. Freelancer (anything)
  2. Blogger (writer, video, podcasting)
  3. Teacher (anything)
  4. Event Planner
  5. Concert and Show Promoter
  6. Dog Walking / Training
  7. Pet sitting
  8. Housesitter
  9. Babysitter
  10. Caregiving
  11. Transportation / Courier  / Delivery service
  12. Interior Designer
  13. Gardener
  14. Makeup Artist
  15. Stylist
  16. Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor
  17. Business/life coach or mentor
  18. Massage service
  19. Consultant
  20. Voice-Over Artist
  21. Researcher
  22. Online salesperson/marketer
  23. Virtual assistant
  24. Catering / personal chief
  25. Computer repairing
  26. Picture framing
  27. Translator
  28. Travel agent
  29. Property manager
  30. Real estate sales consultant
  31. Copywriter
  32. Programmer
  33. DJ / Musician
  34. Clown
  35. Magician
  36. Photographer
  37. Performer
  38. Tailoring
  39. Baking
  40. Bookkeeper/Accountant
  41. Insurance agent
  42. Auto-mechanic services
  43. Car detailing
  44. Concierge services
  45. Repair technician
  46. Food business
  47. Home-based restaurant
  48. Agriculture
  49. Laundry service
  50. Carpet cleaning
  51. Snacks and cold dring seller
  52. Social media expert
  53. Tutoring
  54. Soap making
  55. Chocolate maker
  56. Winemaker

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Full body + custom subject, Half body + custom subject, Full body without a subject, Half body without a subject, Head + shoulders only


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