A custom digital GROUP caricature portrait of the family or the team, without a template

A custom digital GROUP caricature portrait of the family or the team, without a template


The perfect gift for the anniversary, holiday, or corporate event with a custom cartoon portrait that is created by the artist’s hand just for you!

You describe to us the concept of the caricature, upload the photos and let us create the perfect caricature portrait that looks just like you!

100% Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Our revisions service allows you to see the caricature and ask to improve if needed until you are happy with the result.

The price is for 1 person in the picture. It depends also on the body’s complexity and the person’s quantity in the caricature. More persons are in the picture, less price per person. The complexity varies from half body without a subject (simple pose, without custom elements) to full body with a custom subject such as a hobby or special pose and elements for each person.

After selecting the body option and the required quantity, click Add to cart button and see the total price. During the checkout, you’ll be able to describe the idea and upload all the photos. So make your choice and let us create the perfect art masterpiece especially for you!

Special pricing for bulk/group orders
  3-9 10-19 20-39 40+
Full body + custom subject $55 $47 $40 $32
Full body without a subject $48 $41 $35 $28
Half body + custom subject $41 $35 $30 $24
Half body without a subject $34 $29 $25 $20

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The ordering process:

You decide what do you want to be in the caricature and choose the relevant options of the body and the background that fits your idea.

For drawing a caricature of the group you don’t have to provide the group photo with the people together. The most important is the good photo quality of each person. We need SHARP, SMILING, LOOKING TO THE CAMERA, NO STRANGE EXPRESSIONS, NO SUNGLASSES OR ELEMENTS ABOVE THE FACE. So if you have a perfect photo of the persons together, great, if not – please prepare 2-3 photos of each person.

You need to describe exactly what do you want to be in the caricature, for example: “Please draw us on the sea beach, Cynthia is in the pink bikini, John is in the swimming red shorts, kids are in swimming suits, play with sand. The sea is in the background, sunny bright day. Birds in the sky. “Smith family” title on one of the clouds. A small text in the left bottom corner: “August 2030”.

Also, you can explain your idea visually with our new SKETCH BUILDER or make some drafts on paper/PowerPoint or simple drawing software. One picture worth thousands of words and will help us better understand your idea and avoid wasting time for unnecessary revisions and mistakes.

The service process:

As soon as you submit the order, we check if you have provided all the required information and images and start the work.

In a 3-4 days after making the order, depending on the caricature complexity, we send you a version for approval. You provide us a feedback and can ask for improvements if needed, we fix it according to your comments and send you an updated file by email until you are happy with the result.

Finally, you get a high-resolution JPG / PDF file of the caricature, ready for printing at home, or with any print-on-demand online service.

Generally, it takes about 4-6 days to complete the custom caricature, including revisions, excluding weekends. The time counts from the moment when our representative approves the photos you have provided, as a good source for the artist’s work. If the photos you have provided are not good enough for the artist, you may be asked to provide a better quality photo/s, then the total turnaround time increases and again starts from the moment the new photo/s were approved by as.

Custom order pricing

For any special request that you haven’t found the answer in the product description and available options above, please contact us.


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