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The leading AI caricature maker on the web

Caricature Maker PRO is web software, based on artificial intelligence algorithms that lets everyone create amazing, professional-looking caricatures from a photo and huge collection of templates and categorized clipart.

There are multiple versions of the Caricature Maker PRO, for personal and business purposes:

  1. WISH2BE PRO — продвинутый редактор шаржей
  2. BUSINESS PRO — for HR managers or professionals that want to make caricatures with custom branding for their employees or customers
  3. VIRAL BUSINESS PRO — with custom branding and public access for viral marketing campaigns
  4. PHOTO BOOTH — open a photo booth with any Android tablet and printer and make funny caricatures on events.

Handmade caricature professional drawing services, done by the artist’s hand.

  1. Template caricature portrait, from a photo you upload, based on template you design online.
  2. Custom caricature portrait, from a photo and detailed description, painted by us from scratch.
  3. Business caricature character, from your photo reference and your custom requirements.
  4. Video caricature movie clip, for best employee awards ceremonies, that shows the drawing process next to employee’s names and custom titles.

The service is owned and managed by LikeBe Ltd.  If you have any comments, requests, and suggestions, you are welcome to contact us.



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