FAQ – Questions and answers about online caricature

FAQ – Questions and answers about online caricature2018-12-20T01:25:08+00:00

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Wish2Be. If you have a question that is not mentioned here, please post it on Wish2Be support forum and we’ll answer you shortly.

What is the difference between FREE and PRO caricature makers?2019-01-16T23:57:03+00:00

FREE caricature maker

  • Open for everyone, without login
  • Large templates and elements library
  • Square images 550*550 px
  • The watermark of the site appears on every caricature in the corner
  • Ads around and above the caricature maker UI
  • Less image editing options

PRO caricature maker

  • Opened for registered users only that purchased one of premium plans
  • Smooth face edges
  • Higher resolution images
  • Ability to add unlimited persons to the same picture.
  • 3 caricature layouts with an ability to create a custom size
  • Ability to save and load saved projects for designing later
  • Large templates and images library, with more images
  • No logo watermark, only tiny copyright text appears in the corner
  • No ads around and above the caricature maker UI
  • Image and text layers management
  • More image editing options
I need an image that doesn’t exist in the images library2019-01-16T23:59:58+00:00

If you need an image that you are missing in the images library, please contact us, if the theme sounds can be useful to many other users, we’ll consider creating one and will add it to the library.

If you need the image urgently and want us to create and add it to the cartoonizer images library anyway, please order a custom caricature image.  We’ll create one, and will add it to the images library within 24-48 hours.

Where and how can I print the caricature?2019-01-17T00:01:36+00:00
  1. You can download and print the caricature on your home printer
  2. Send the caricature file to any local gifts shop with print-on-demand service
  3. Order a print on tshirt, clicking on “buy a print” button below the cartoonizer and get it to your door within a week or two
  4. Click on CART icon in cartoon designer , and choose from tons of products that the caricature can be printed on. Instant order and quick delivery to your door, depending on your location.
Can I use the caricature in my logo/advertising/marketing?2018-12-07T16:27:03+00:00

Any caricatures created on Wish2Be website and its affiliated sites are for personal non – commercial and non-exclusive use only. You cannot use the caricature or its parts, for any commercial and business needs, for example as a logo, advertising or marketing graphics. The images and clip-arts the caricature is made of, are the exclusive property of Like2Be Ltd, a company that owns and operates Wish2Be website, and are reused in other caricatures our clients and users create.

What custom caricature creation options do you offer?2019-01-17T00:05:11+00:00

Wish2Be offers 3 custom caricature order types:

  1. Photo caricature generated by the computer, with the theme designed by you online.
    You can use FREE caricature or PRO cartoonizer for instantly making the caricature from photo online.
  2. Template-based caricature, where only the face is painted by artist’s hand.
    The theme is designed by you, using the images from our images library. Great option for saving time and money.
  3. Custom painted caricature 100% from scratch by professional artist.
    This option is suitable in case if you don’t have time for designing of the template, didn’t find the images that fit your needs or need a caricature for the commercial use such as a logo.

Hand painting services can be found in the custom caricature page.

After choosing the right product, you design the theme or describe your requirements, upload 1-2 smiling sharp person’s photos and place the order.

If we have questions or need additional photos we’ll contact you by email. In about 48-72 hours or less we email you the caricature for your review. If there is any problem with similarity or theme, you can ask us to fix it. We make the required changes and send for your review until you are satisfied with the result. You get the final image in a high-resolution file, ready for printing and sharing online.

How can I increase the caricature image size?2019-01-16T23:56:16+00:00

If you are not satisfied with small caricature images with watermark created with free caricature maker, you should consider buying one of caricature maker PRO plans.

If you are printing or entertainment industry professional, or home user that wants to be able to create and/or order the printing high resolution images, you need to use the advanced caricature maker as well.

If you are willing to create the caricatures for your customers/employees, with the logo of your company, you should consider purchasing one of Business PRO plans with custom cartoonizer.

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