1. The site “” (hereinafter “the Site”) is owned and operated by Like2Be Ltd. (“the Operator” or “the Company”) from Israel and works on a server located in Europe.
2. The site provides registered and unregistered users (hereinafter: “User”) the ability to create derivative works of graphics, including caricatures (“Service”) generated by a software (hereinafter “photo-caricature”) using graphics content existing on the site with or without the images uploaded by the user (hereinafter “Content”).
3. The site allows users to purchase a paid subscription that grants access to restricted areas of the site (hereinafter “the subscriber”) or to order for payment service and work created specifically for the user (hereinafter “the commissioned work”). Users who have purchased any service on the Site will be referred to below as “Customers”.
4. The site allows some users to advertise their services (“advertisers”) towards other users by placing their advertisements, logos, or images/product illustrations in the different areas of the site and other sites of the operator. (Hereinafter “the Advertisement”)
5. Use of the Site shall constitute evidence of your agreement to the terms of use set out below in these Regulations. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use and/or any terms please do not use the services of the site.
6. The provisions of these regulations apply equally to members of both sexes, and the use of the masculine gender is for convenience only.
7. This policy was last updated on January 20, 2019. The terms of use and rules of this site may be changed at any time without prior notice by the company.

Terms of Service
6. The operator has the right to change the service, subscription and advertising areas, and their tariffs at any time, without notice.
7. In case of a change in the prices of the service, the customer will continue to use the service at the same price until the end of the period/end of the last billing cycle, and the operator may charge the customer the price according to the new terms.
8. The customer may terminate the subscription at any time and may use the service until the end of the subscription period. There is no refund, except for special cases, for example, if the site did not work from the time of subscription until it is canceled.
9. The customer can also change the subscription plan. In case of switching to a more expensive plan, he will pay the price difference. In case of switching to a cheaper plan, the customer will wait until the end of the current subscription and then start a new plan. In any case of switching between the plans, the customer will not get a refund for the service.
10. The Operator may restrict access to any subscriber to only one device or to open additional devices, subject to his private considerations.
11. The payment for a subscription is processed by PayPal or 2Checkout payment gateways in US Dollars at their latest exchange rates.
12. The Company may shut down the Site for the maintenance purposes and change it from time to time, the structure, appearance, and availability of the content provided therein, without the need to inform you in advance. Therefore, you shall have no claim and/or demand and/or claim against the Company about the uptime issues.

Terms of Use
12. The Customer or the user on customer’s behalf may use the service within and during the subscription period only.
13. The customer is responsible for the users on his behalf and for their use of the service, and the site terms apply to them as well.
14. The Customer undertakes to use the Service access for personal purposes and cannot publish the passwords to the Service and the Site in public access and/or transfer them to other persons, except users using the same device.
15. The customer undertakes to use the service on a reasonable scale – up to 150 photo-caricatures per day for PRO subscription to online cartoon editor and up to 720 photo-caricatures per day for BOOTH subscription – for the cartoon – photo booth. If you exceed this limit, the server load is possible, which can lead to failures and slowdown in service, until the fall of the site.
16. The user of the site is strictly prohibited from altering and / or copying, distributing, broadcasting, displaying, performing, duplicating, publishing, issuing a license, creating derivative works or selling an item of the information, software and/or products originating in the site, The content created by the Site, while maintaining the copyright and usage rights set forth in these Rules.
17. The user may not insert contents and/or upload information or files or codes that may alter, harm, interfere with or impair this site or the information contained in it or any proprietary rights of the company or of any third party. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to make improper and unauthorized use of this site, including the introduction of “Trojans”, “Viruses”, “Worms”, “Malware” and other harmful computer programs.
18. The user is prohibited from displaying and/or publishing and/or placing information and/or materials on this site and/or the sites linked to it: illegal, immoral, threatening, obscene, blatant, racist, insulting, , Whose publication is prohibited by law, of a pornographic or sexually explicit nature, that infringes copyright and / or infringes copyright, trademarks and trade names, designs, patents, which are contrary to the Protection of Privacy Law,

Limitation of Liability
19. The Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf is not responsible in any way or form for any direct and/or indirect damage and damage caused to the customer and/or the user on the Site and/or to third parties as a result of using the Site and / – The site. The customer hereby undertakes that he will be solely responsible for any claim and/or demand and/or claim of any third party that considers himself injured by the work.
20. The use of the Site and the contents therein are provided as they are (“AS-IS”) in accordance with the Company’s decisions, and you shall have no claim and/or claim and/or demand against the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf in respect of the features of the use, the service, Or suitability to your needs and requirements. Use of the content displayed on the site and the services of the site will be at your sole risk.
21. The Operator does not guarantee that the service provided on the Site will not be interrupted, will be provided regularly and without interruptions and interruptions and / or will be immune to illegal access to Company computers, damages, malfunctions, malfunctions, failures in the hardware, software or communication lines of the Company or any of its suppliers Otherwise, the Company shall not be liable for any direct and / or indirect damage and damage of any kind caused to the user of the Site.

22. The Operator does not undertake that all the links found on the Site will be valid and will lead to an active website. The mere existence of a particular link on the site does not indicate that the content of the linked site is reliable, complete or current, and the operator shall bear no responsibility in connection therewith.
23. The Operator shall not be responsible for orders and/or products to be supplied and/or purchased by you through and/or by the linked sites or advertisers on the Site. Without derogating from the above, the operator will not be liable for any direct and/or indirect damage and/or damage caused to you and/or the user of the site as a result of using or relying on the information or content published on the site and/or the linked site.
24. The operator makes every effort to ensure that users and customers are satisfied with the photo-caricatures or the commissioned work, but the operator is not responsible and will not be required to give a monetary credit due to the dissatisfaction of the user or customer with the work.
25. The speed of the service depends on both the weight of the content and the quality of the user’s connection to the Internet. In any case, the site’s operator is not responsible for any damage caused to the user in the service due to changes in the speed of the content loading or even total site failures.
26. In case of a complete lack of service due to technical problems at the site, for a period of 1 to 4 hours, the operator will extend the subscription by 1 day. From 7 to 24 hours – by 2 days. Failures in service over 24 hours may be compensated by partial refund of the subscription cost, or by its free renewal, as agreed with the customer.
27. It is hereby clarified that the Company is not responsible for errors of any kind that will appear on this website, including errors in the text, errors in the description of the item, its price, etc. The Company reserves the right to cancel an order if any.

Intellectual Property – Copyright and Use Rights
28. This site is protected under Israeli law and international law, including copyrights and trademarks.
29. The Operator owns all copyrights to the content on the Site, including the graphic content, written and user-generated derivative content (excluding user images).
30. The contents appearing on the Site may not be copied and/or reproduced and/or distributed and/or stored in databases, or in any other way, unless the Company has given its prior written consent.
31. The user of the site, including a paid subscription, is given a non-exclusive right to use the content and the derivative work. The user and/or subscriber may not use the works and content for commercial purposes or transfer to a third party for such use. And may not publicly publish any product and / or output of the information, nor reproduce, copy, copy and / or print any product and / or output as aforesaid from the information or any part thereof for distribution in any manner, Of the service the customer purchased (such as printing a gift to a particular person), or if he was granted a license from the company listed on the tax invoice, and after paying the entire consideration to the company for the work.
32. The Company may sign the work and the product by means of a logo and/or URL and/or trade name and/or any title that it deems appropriate.
33. In case of the transfer of the product with the photo-caricature or the commissioned work to another entity, the rights and obligations that apply to the purchaser shall also apply to the entity that received the work, whether received in return or as a gift.
34. The Company may display the work and/or the product or part thereof after one month from the date of supply and thereafter, in order to demonstrate the product on the site. The purchaser of the product may inform the company to refrain from doing so, provided that he has done so in writing and explicitly.
35. The Company may use the work in whole and/or in parts thereof to create and sell new works and derivative works, the purchaser of the work hereby waives any claim and/or demand regarding rights, royalties and/or any compensation for the work and/or parts thereof.
36. The client declares that he owns all the rights in the content transferred by him to the company and which he submits to the site, including but not limited to the copyright of the contents.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
37. In any case of dispute or dispute between the parties in the subject matter of the By-laws, including its terms of use and all that derives from them and/or involves them, there will be special jurisdiction for the competent court in Tel Aviv.
38. The interpretation and enforcement of these Regulations and/or any action or dispute arising therefrom shall be in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.
39. If the provisions of these Rules are determined by the Court to be illegal and/or invalid, notwithstanding the intention of the parties, then the provisions of these Articles and/or the parts of that provision that has been revoked or reduced by the judicial instance shall not be rescinded.

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