Do you see the banners on Wish2Be website and around the cartoonizer?

Wish2Be app users create cartooned images and e-cards of themselves or their friends, with illustrations of products and things that they like or want to have.

Google Adwords, the largest advertising network in the world, allows you to reach targeted consumers in certain places looking for certain things. It means that you can add any media channel that displays Google Ads as placement for your Adwords campaign and begin displaying your ads on the channel.

How to display your Google Ads on Wish2Be ?

If you already have a running  Google Adwords campain,  simply add domain as managed placement to your campaign according to Google Adwords Help. If you don’t have Adwords campain, create one on Google Adwords page.

If you’ll bid higher than other advertisers, your ads will be displayed in the Wish2Be app most of the time and will give you the highest reach.

Alternatively, you can directly buy an ads space from us and your banner will appear next to Google Ads banners, without worries to be outbid by other advertisers.

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