Wish2Be customized caricature maker allows you to run an engaging viral marketing campaign that lets your audience create their caricatures under your brand. It even can include your product images that can appear in the caricatures, Users can open the page on their mobile or desktop devices and make unlimited caricatures of themselves with your products that can also appear in the caricature. They can share the editable caricatures and collaborate on them with a lot of fun!

Also, you can use your cartoonizer by yourself, for making caricature ecards and personalized gifts for your customers, colleagues, employees, and even family and friends.


With the custom caricature maker, optimized for tablets you can run a unique PHOTO BOOTH on your event. Allow the event participants to make funny caricatures of themselves and print them on your printer or get it by SMS. The caricatures can include your logo and even your product images!

When used at a trade show pavilion, the cartoons can be immediately printed on magnets, posters, or any promotional products. Of course, users can share it on your or their social network page or timeline. Create a real buzz among exhibition visitors and great souvenirs for potential clients.

You can also run the VIRTUAL EVENT and share the link among the event participants that will create funny caricatures on their devices.

The service process

You need to provide your logo, brand colors, and relevant graphic materials. Optionally, you can send us your product’s images transparent PNG files that can be placed in your own clipart category that users can put into the caricatures.

We create a custom unique page inside our website – (see sample) with the custom cartoonizer and your logo below. You get the link, can send your comments for the improved.

Time-to-market. The custom caricature maker creation takes 1-4 days. If you order custom characters or clipart, it may take a bit longer.

Optional features

Custom products gallery. It’s possible to add images of your products to the caricature maker’s clip art gallery or create custom characters or cartoon images of your products. A custom clip art drawing price varies from $90 per custom character/body/background/transport/animal or about $70 per smaller element (products, accessories, gadgets, things, environment, frames).

Pre-made templates. It’s possible to create pre-made caricature body and background combinations, that allow quicker cartoon creation at the event. The price is $15 per template of a pre-made combination of body and background.

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