Death Anniversary of U SoSo Tham cards

In honor of U SoSo Tham, I am excited to share the story behind his exceptional line of greeting cards. U SoSo Tham was a beloved Burmese artist, poet and illustrator who created the classical and timeless greeting cards that are still admired today.

It has been over 15 years since U SoSo Tham died and his legacy still grants us with the incredible work that he has left behind. His death anniversary is on the 23rd June, and people all around the world still honor him by celebrating his visions, illustrations and thoughts through his greeting cards.

Unique Style

U SoSo Tham’s artwork has a unique style, which contains elements of classic Burmese art and can be recognized in his greeting cards. His artwork focused on bringing the Burmese art of greeting cards to a global audience.

He used to draw all the illustrations on paper and then paint them with watercolors on card stock. His greeting cards are often characterized by delicate brushwork and vibrant colors that still make people smile to this day.

What makes U SoSo Tham’s Greeting Cards so Special?

  • Subject Matter: U SoSo Tham’s cards often focus on positive themes and inspiring messages of hope and happiness.
  • Authentic craftsmanship: Each greeting card is handmade and crafted with great attention to detail.
  • Vibrant colours: The bold and expressive hand-painted colours create a delightful experience for the viewer.
  • Affordable:Despite their high quality, U SoSo Tham’s greeting cards are surprisingly affordable.


U SoSo Tham’s greeting cards are a unique and timeless piece of art that serve as a reminder of the artist and his vision. On each death anniversary of U SoSo Tham, let us not just remember the beloved Burmese artist but also celebrate his life and visions through his incomparable line of greeting cards.

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