A Symbol of Happiness

Magh Bihu cards are a vibrant symbol of happiness and an important part of the culture in Assam, India. Magh Bihu marks the onset of the harvesting season and is celebrated with a week-long series of festivities. According to traditional customs, Magh Bihu cards are a customary way of expressing greetings and extending wishes.

The beauty of Magh Bihu cards

The Magh Bihu cards are exquisitely crafted, with traditional designs and soothing colours that evoke a sense of tradition and culture. These arts are beautiful! One can see the traditional Assamese culture come alive through the designs featured on the cards. From floral motifs to intricate designs, these cards are a work of art.

A unique form of art

The art featured on the Magh Bihu cards is truly unique. The artists put in an incredible amount of effort and dedication to create each design. This is the adorable artwork ever! The cards are a combination of traditional artforms like tissa sutra, ikat, and kadam, which give them an added layer of beauty.

Traditional messages of joy

The Magh Bihu cards usually feature traditional messages of joy, such as:

  • Jor Aai Bihu – May your joy increase
  • Selam Xutur Bihu – May your new year start with auspiciousness
  • Apa Bihu Teke – Greetings for Bihu

These cards are a great way to spread joy and express well wishes during the festive season.

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