• Order a custom cartoon image illustration

    If you need a specific cartoon image that doesn’t exist in the images gallery, such as certain background, body, gadget, accessory, hair, vehicle, character or building, we can draw one just for you!

    Custom cartoon images may be also useful for you when you if you are going to purchase a subscription to your own Business caricature maker, and want it to be loaded with your custom cartoon images instead or along with your product photos.

    Also if you wish to advertise your products or services through Wish2Be FREE caricature maker, the custom cartoon images that we make for you, will be inserted into the general cartoon images categories at the top and all global (or local) free caricature maker users.

    Each image drawing may take from a couple of hours to a number of days, depending on the image complexity and the order volume.

    Please choose the best option that suits your needs and the budget and proceed with the order.

  • NEW! LIVE caricature video movie for the best employees awards ceremony

    Double value in one service for the employee’s awards ceremony!

    (1) Unique video presentation with LIVE caricatures to play during the event (2) The caricatures as gifts for the employees.

    The live caricaturing magic in action! An unforgettable experience for the employee’s awards event with funny video and personal souvenirs from your company. People always like to watch the portrait drawing process, it’s a kind of magnet that draws everyone’s attention and positive emotions.

    This unique exclusive service was invented and produced by us since 2008 and can’t be easily found in other places.

    Video-caricature is a kind of video-presentation, that shows the employee’s caricatures time-lapses painted from scratch with high speed and triggers the watchers to guess who is in the picture? When the full drawing completes, the employee name, the title, and the subject of the excellence appear next to the caricature. Then the next person goes on.

    Our team includes a professional caricature artist, a video editing professional, and the project manager that take the video production to the top level.

    Time: order completion takes 6-14 days, depending on the number of characters.

    The pricing. Below you can see the approximate cost of the service depending on the number of people and the custom subject for each one. Also, as an economy option, it is possible to order the caricature video files without video editing and titles, You can easily insert the video files even into your own PPT presentation, or perform the video editing by yourself or by other professionals.

    Having a question? Contact us using the chat button, and we will be happy to tell you about the service, evaluate the project, and answer your questions.

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